iPad vs. Kindle Fire HDX

  1. Since the Kindle Fire HDX was first introduced to the technology market in 2012 it was bound to be a top competitor with the Apple iPad, and would cause consumers to have more options to look at when shopping for a tablet. A popular commercial on TV that consumers consistently see is the Kindle Fire Tablet commercial in which it is compared to the iPad Mini. Especially during this past Christmas present buying season they debate which tablet is better to put under the Christmas tree was prominent.


In our current technology era in 2014 every consumer wants to have the latest and greatest edition of their gadgets and to have the best features at the best price. First lets look at the top five specifications people consider when buying a tablet and compare the two products against each other:

  1. The first and most obvious thing people will consider when comparing these two products is the price. The winner for best price is the Kindle Fire HDX because it only costs $299 (depending on how much storage size you want) compared to the iPad Mini being $399.
  2. The second thing that consumers look for is the size of screen the tablet has. The winner is the Kindle Fire HDX again with a 8.9″ screen beating the iPad Mini at 7.9″
  3. Another important factor is the battery life of your tablet, and both the Kindle and iPad have up to a 10 hour battery life making it a tie for this component.
  4. A fourth thing you might consider is what you can plug into your tablet as well as connect your tablet too, and for this the Kindle Fire beats the iPad again having not only a USB port but also a HDMI port to connect to a TV, while the iPad only has the headphone and charging port.
  5. A final specification people consider is the storage capacity a tablet has. The iPad and Kindle Fire both offer a 16GB tablet, but the Kindle Fire also has 32GB and 64GB beating the iPad again.

Personally when I am shopping for a product especially technology products that on average are more than $200 I like to take my time in deciding in order to do a comparison of products and to also make sure that I am getting the best deal possible along with the product fitting my needs. A tip for when you are shopping for a product like the Kindle Fire or iPad Mini is to talk to a friend or technology professional if you don’t understand what all the technical terms about the product. Also be sure to do price comparison of different vendors in order to ensure you are getting the best possible deal , but more importantly the best product.



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